seeyourise is now one of the leading ICT consultancy firms, offering integrated IT business solutions, from consulting services, design, development, construction, management, enhancement and maintenance of IT systems to user training.

It’s a product of the rebranding efforts of NIG-Solutions that started in 2010 with roots traced back in 2007. Started by Nganda Ivan, by then who was a Business Information Systems student at university. As a free-lancer handling simple application development for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kampala Uganda and Website authoring and Development for companies.

The first project to be worked on was for Ssega Enterprises Ltd, a Fruits and Vegetable export based company in Uganda. Among the project was re-designing of company logo, headed papers, website development which were successfully completed and implemented. This was preceeded by the development of supply and Export based Information System. It was in fact this project that paved way for Nganda Ivan to be assigned the duty of restructuring his former university website (Bugema University) in 2009 which he completed and works hand in hand with the university webmaster and recently we had it migrated to a content management system which Ivan pioneered as well. Ivan has been working on the university website up-to-date.

“As a matter of fact I still maintain and have my first clients on board either directly or indirectly”.  Graduating in 2009 and with Uganda’s job market that was and is still in a mess, I decided to continue as a free-lancer, as an organized individual with a dream, I had to gather the best of the human resource and formed the former NIG Solutions.
NIG-Solutions was registered in 2010 officially in Uganda, NIG Solutions saw drastic changes both in the client base as well as the staff development. By then NIG Solutions believed in innovations and research was the center focus of our existence.
As market demands changed, there was need for rebranding from NIG-Solutions with a goal of delivering outstanding solutions that surpass our clientele expectations as our main purpose and reason of existence, keeping this business culture is our heritage from the past and we hope to carry on with it to the future.

Seeyourise is now a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm, offering cross fertilization of strategic ideas in brand strategy, communications, print, web design, multimedia solutions and committed to marketing projects that move the business.

Since its establishment, the firm has established collaborations with various organizations such NARO – National Agricultural Research Organisation, NARL-National Agricultural Research Laboratories, NaFORRI – National Forestry Resources Research Institute, Lenders Without Borders and Community Microfinance as well as Volunteer Foundation Uganda.

We provide exquisite Business development, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services for your business, serving both the local and international sectors. By employing innovative approaches to research and development of Business and ICT Solutions to suit our clientele needs.

Our aim is to surpass the expectation of every client by offering outstanding services, increased flexibility and greater value, hence improving efficiency and making a difference in your Organization.
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