We offer great innovations to enhance your business and increase your productivity. This is implemented mainly through custom developed software. We provide you with customized software suited for your organization that will automate and transform all manual business operations into digital operations.

DATABASE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION: Everyone needs enough storage and therefore we provide database platforms that can store large amounts of information, analyze, manage and retrieve data with ease. Databases are one of the basic parts of each IT system.
Availability, integrity, data confidentiality and performance, scalability and reliability are the basic requirements of databases nowadays.

The functionalities of modern databases are the following:
•    Possibility of GRID computing
Enabling the highest level of data availability with a higher level of management and automation.
•    Optimization of system performances at all levels
On-line data compression and database partitioning at all levels, in order to increase the data input and reading speed
•    Data security
Selective and customer-oriented approach to all segments of databases, revision and applying security policies and procedures, and complying with business regulations
•    Modular architecture
Applicability of products in all market segments for every business entity (small, medium, large), and increased scalability

NETWORKING: Connection between computers, printers and phones is made possible with network. We provide network services for internet café, schools, offices, and homes.
Computers and operating systems are an essential part of business systems, affecting the daily efficiency of every employee. Computer reliability is one of the most important prerequisites for any employee’s or group efficiency, and it also has impact on the overall working environment.
seeyourise offers optimally configured client systems adapted to your business requirements:
•    Office computers
 Unified production process and strict product quality control along with low noise emissions are the basis seeyourise uses to build its credentials. Alongside custom made computers, we offer a full portfolio of HP, IBM and Fujitsu office computers.
•    Monitors
seeyourise portfolio of IT products includes a broad assortment of last generation monitors top technological products of maximum resolution and reaction times. Depending on the requirements of your business, you can choose from a broad portfolio of the world’s best brands.
•    External equipment
Laser, matrix and ink jet printers and scanners of all categories from product entry segment for individual users, small and medium enterprises to integrated corporative solutions for print and document management.
•    Software
Complete software for your office operations includes operating systems, office applications, data protection and antivirus protection

SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE: Hardware and Software needs to be installed, maintained, serviced and upgraded.
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