When someone asks what we do at seeyourise, it’s tempting to point out our six-year track record for helping to transform companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves. It’s true; our mission is to help management teams create such high levels of economic value that together we redefine our respective industries.

But that's only part of the story.
The rest of the story is about our people, our values, our passion, and our way of doing things intangibles that can't be financially measured or modelled but that truly makes the difference. As our clients have outperformed and experience the power of those intangibles.
seeyourise works across all types of industries, with all kinds of clients:

•    Large multinational corporations
•    Leading private equity firms
•    Midsize companies
•    Small start-ups
•    Non-profit organizations

But what unifies our clients, is that they all tend to be bold, ambitious business leaders.

•    They think and act like owners.
•    They are not satisfied with the status quo.
•    They want a sparring partner to challenge them.
•    They want a personal trainer to push them to their best, not a "yes-man."

On every case, we look at the business from a chief executive's perspective. We start by asking the right questions, and then dig deep into the numbers to unearth the right solutions. We don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions, our approach and recommendations are highly customized. We help clients decide where they want to go, and how to get there.

And we don't stop there. We make sure those decisions get translated quickly into action and that the client's team can sustain the momentum into the future. We commit to leaving organizations stronger than when we arrive.
We seek to have a positive and lasting impact beyond the business domain. We believe we can make the world a better place both directly through our client work and through our pro bono efforts. We seek to pursue progressive policies in every culture where we provide services. We donate a portion of our time and resources to community and global issues and institutions.

As world populations and markets continue to grow, ensuring the sustainability of our economies is a fundamental responsibility of all institutions and individuals. At seeyou:rise, we will share our intellectual capital on sustainability openly, work with clients to support their sustainability efforts, and take steps as a firm to minimize our own impact on the environment.


When seeyou:rise adopted “strategy” as its specialty, it ignited a process that would revolutionize business management forever. From the beginning, the firm’s passion for ideas has been its mark of distinction. At seeyou:rise, ideas create value. The experience curve and the growth share matrix, with their insights into competitive advantage, set the stage for future developments and initiatives.
Over the years, a constant flow of ideas and analyses, emerging from discussions with colleagues and collaborations with clients, have contributed to seeyou:rise’s unparalleled record of strategic breakthroughs and thought leadership.


When Ivan N. Kudo founded seeyou:rise, he envisioned that it might someday change the world. Through collaboration with clients, orchestration of strategy, and recognition of distinctive organizational dynamics, seeyou:rise consultants have guided industry leaders toward recognizing and responding to their changing world, helping them to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and seizing the competitive advantage.
With true insight and the ability to transform it into action, seeyou:rise has driven real change in organizations and fulfilled vision. seeyou:rise has not only transformed the way the world does business but also fundamentally changed the game.

Knowledge & Expertise

seeyou:rise goes beyond consulting. As the world grows infinitely more connected, it also becomes more complex and unpredictable. We know how to link the right people, with the right savvy, in order to shake up established thinking, find the deeper insight, and summon the courage to act.
Because of our intellectual diversity, spanning every significant industry and function, we can spark complex transformations across the sometimes disparate parts of a client's organization.
We collaborate with clients to dig up valid data, rigorous analyses, external perspectives, root causes, and explicit logic. The goal is to uncover moments of insight and to have the courage to embrace, and act on, the truths that surface.

Lasting Relationships

Our partnerships run deep. seeyou:rise’s culture of internal collaboration naturally translates to our relationships with clients. We develop programs tailored to a client’s unique context and competitive advantage. Our clients’ successes are our own.
Each solution is grounded in how the client organization actually works and its unique position in the marketplace.
seeyou:rise pushes beyond standard frameworks and methodologies. As a result, we don’t end up with standard industry answers. Our heritage of independent thinking has preserved our edge in client collaboration.

Risk Management

The effective management of risks across the whole enterprise is an absolute priority in today’s environment. This applies not only to our client organizations but also within seeyou:rise.
More than ever before, our stakeholders our clients and staff, the business community, regulators, and the general public rightly expect professional services firms to demonstrate strong professional ethics. As trusted advisors, we have a responsibility to maintain the highest of professional standards and to demonstrate to our clients that we are doing so.

seeyou:rise’s organization includes a dedicated team of experts responsible for the oversight of risk management and professional standards worldwide. Our enterprise risk agenda is spearheaded by the chief risk officer, who works directly with seeyou:rise’s global and regional leadership and prioritizes and channels our risk management efforts across each of our functions, locations, and practices. We also continuously invest to enhance our processes, including managing legal risk, to ensure rigorous information management and security of our people.

With this structure in place, we can be specific in our expectations and explicit in putting our values into practice through our professional standards, even in the most challenging environments.
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